Fluxpoint API

  • Basic Response

  • Before you get access to the api you can test out the 2 main features here!

    Send a request to api.fluxpoint.dev to get a success response with json.

      "website": "https://fluxpoint.dev/",
      "discord": "https://discord.gg/TjF6QDC",
      "docs": "https://docs.fluxpoint.dev/",
      "twitter": "https://twitter.com/fluxpointdev",
      "reddit": "https://www.reddit.com/r/FluxpointDev/",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "donate": "https://patreon.com/fluxpointdev",
      "success": true,
      "code": 200,
      "message": "Hello user"

  • Image Generation

  • You can try out the image generation in our api with this response.

    Send a request to api.fluxpoint.dev/test/image to get a success response with raw image data.

    Depending on what coding lang you use and http lib you need to parse this as a byte array, buffer or stream which you can then upload to other platforms.

    You will see a blue square as jpg data.

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